January 27, 2010


Gardeners are passionate about their craft and love nothing better than finding a soul mate that share their interest. Just when I think I've seen it all I found two dating sites for gardeners : www.gardeningpassions.com and www.greenthumbdating.

As many plants as there are, a lack of subject matter to talk about won't be a problem.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago
All rights reserved


  1. When my mom met her Garden Buddy over 20 years ago, before internet dating had taken off as it has in recent years, he wasn't into gardening, and she converted him. It's really neat that this is now a passion they share in common, and you're right - there's never a lack of subject to matter to talk about!

    It makes sense to me for dating sites to help singles with common passions and interests to find each other. Having niches for gardeners on matchmaking sites seems like a pretty cool idea.

  2. Dating sites for gardeners is pretty funny.

    Good idea, wish I'd thought about building them.



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