June 15, 2010


This June has produced more rain than April.  So much so that  I'm picking mushrooms out of my garden. Lea's Irish grandparents are here and they swear that we ordered this weather to make them feel at home.

It's amazing how much the garden has grown since I planted it last May.

  Blue salvia is in bloom, daylillies in bud

The reason I love Dianthus : these annuals came back from last year.  That's garden inspector Jojo on the job. 

I ditched the idea of a trumpet creeper vine and instead planted a grape vine and patty pan squash to climb over my shade structure. So we'll be eating squash and drinking vino.

And what would June be without roses ?

Thanks to my neighbor who has this beautiful Canadian climbing rose on our fence.

And thanks to the gardeners in the neighborhood whose roses captivated me on my daily walkabout.  Happy June garden bloggers !  Now go visit Carol over at May Dreams Gardens and see what's blooming all over the US of A .

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Your garden looks so tranquil and lovely! Jojo is so cute! Stopping to sniff the dianthus?

    I know what you mean about weather -- We had drought in April and are now getting thunderstorms in the evenings that follow 95+/- days of sun, HUMIDITY, sweltering, soggy heat.

  2. The garden looks wonderful Carolyn, very inviting.


  3. You garden looks awesome! I just added your blog to our blog roll.

  4. Ah, beautiful, Carolyn! Wise move ditching the trumpet vine. I've seen it become terribly invasive in clients' gardens. Enjoy your company!

  5. Looks like Jojo is doing an excellent job on his inspections. Water, water everywhere up here too. I've got to mow the lawn today, if I don't I'll have to hire a heard of goats soon.

  6. Lovely to see such a lush and magical city garden. Lucky to have such good neighbors! Happy June to your too Carolyn!

  7. Weirdo weather here in Ohio, too! Carolyn Gail, your back garden is just as charming as I remember it. So pretty!

  8. Great. Another garden to be jealous of.
    It really is beautiful and so well kept. I have some dianthus annuals that decided that they would be perennials instead. I've had them for 5 years now :)

  9. Your garden is so well layed out and neat! Not like the chaos I have for a garden - lol.

  10. What beautiful photos - and what beautiful flowers! :-) Happy Gardening Seasons!!!


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