November 1, 2010


"If it is true that one of the greatest pleasures of gardening lies in looking forward, then the planning of next year's beds and borders must be one of the most agreeable occupations in the gardener's calendar. This should make October and November particularly pleasant months, for then we may begin to clear our borders, to cut down those sodden and untidy stalks, to dig up and increase our plants, and to move them to other positions where they will show up to greater effect. People who are not gardeners always say that the bare beds of winter are uninteresting; gardeners know better, and take even a certain pleasure in the neatness of the newly dug, bare, brown earth."

- Vita Sackville-West

November is not an idle month in the garden - cutting down the "sodden and untidy stalks ",  dividing and transplanting overgrown perennials, mulching, weeding , planting bulbs , moving plants indoors and of course, the best part as Vita said is planning next years beds and borders.


  1. How true it is! Your mosaic is lovely, Carolyn.

    My offering is here:

  2. How can one not look at your beautiful fall colors, Carolyn, and not appreciate November? Such appropriate sentiments from a great gardener.

    My Muse Day post is up as well; as always, thank you for hosting this!

  3. Lovely Carolyn, and so, so true! Happy Muse Day ... I remembered :)

  4. I will try to think of November as of a pleasant month and ignore its rainy side! Love your collage: red, brown, yellow... you got them all, Carolyn! I joined the Muse Day too.

  5. November's definitely busy over here Carolyn! The autumn colour's at its best at the moment too :)

    However, today I'm focusing on a relatively recent yet welcome discovery for me - the humble perry pear:

  6. Carolyn, I think Vita is right, my wheels are already turning.


  7. I love your collage of colors, Carolyn...and the quote by Vida Sackville-West is perfect!

    I just posted for November's Muse Day, too;-)

  8. Lovely collage Carolyn! I remembered too!! Happy Muse Day! ;>)

  9. I love the quote...always an inspiration to visit your garden blog.
    I'm trying a simple Haiku and picture for Muse Day.
    Thanks for hosting.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

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