November 4, 2010

Mums It Is

I have an intense dislike of roundy moundy mums plopped in the garden for Fall color so I'm always on the look out for interesting varieties that are hardy for our zone 5 and 6 gardens here in Chicago.

Here are two"spoontipped "  that are definitely on my list to order in my favorite colors of red and yellow :

Faribault Growers, Inc., who grow the hardy novelty mums in Minnesota, are wholesalers that have given in to the demand for mums and allow us gardeners to buy retail.  Visit them at : .


  1. Thank you for the link and.....I agree with you on the roundy moundy mums. Matchstick is especially appealing to me.


  2. Thanks for the site, didn't know you could order mums on the internet. I order many plants each year online, but I have never seen a mum company avertise.



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