December 6, 2010

First Snow in Chicago

Jojo is all geared up for winter

It came "on little cat feet " during the night.  Children on the block were laughing and playing on their sleds.  The first snowfall is always so magical and then after that, when it doesn't stop, it just becomes a chore to keep it shovelled.

                             Nipped in the bud Knockout has finally been dealt the final blow.

  A white blanket envelops Sweet Garden Chicago

And the award for the longest lasting perennial goes to :  Ornamental kale.

                                       Snow on the Limelight Hydrangea

December had one of the coldest openings in several years and it looks like we're in for a lot more of the same.  It snowed in North Carolina and there are freeze warnings out all across Dixie down to Florida .  
Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Lovely photos, Carolyn Gail--Jojo looks so festive in his(?) winter coat. I love the ornamental kale, too--so pretty to see that purple peeking out from a blanket of white. I think we may have had even more snow than you; the storm went further south than forecast, and we wound up with 7".

    I finally looked at my Horticulture issue more thoroughly--your Japanese maple really looked striking in the layout!

  2. Your garden looks a lot like mine Carolyn, just the structures are left. It helps to have some other focal points, not just plants.


  3. Brrrr - my sister in Chicago said it was a magical weekend, everything looking so pretty and festive, as your pictures show. Isn't that kale the best?

  4. Oh, that looks so cold, but lovely -- in your garden. I'll let you keep it, thank you very much. Love that "welcome" sign with the cardinal :-) STAY WARM!!

  5. I could not get past that cute photo of JoJo. I think your pup needs a bigger coat. He looks like a bug snug in a rug. :grin:

  6. You and your lake-effect snow... Just look how wonderfully snow dresses the gardens and your decorative touches. Enjoy, Carolyn! (Just so it gets safely off the sidewalks and streets.)

  7. Hi - my first visit to your blog I think after you kindly picked my post on blotanical! Interesting to hear that you also have had the coldest start to December - it's the same here in France and most definately in the UK - have a lovely christmas - Miranda

  8. That first snow sure is magical. I hope it is not a bad winter but it will pass quickly-thankfully!


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