December 18, 2010

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure ....

" Flush with Victory " the catchy title of this mornings news article began , a woman in suburban Chicago won her 18 month court battle to keep her two white porcelain toilets that she used as seasonal planters in her front yard.  At this moment they are very Christmasy with lights and pointsettas.

A property with a large victorian house decided to plant a "prairie " garden in the front yard.  By the end of July it had become a chaotic mass of weeds that had smothered any flowers that might have been there and the neighbors called the city to report it as a rat's nest.  Fortunately the city has laws that weeds are not to exceed 2 feet and ordered them to mow it down.

No doubt you've seen a lot of these popular pieces in gardens across the country.

The ever popular Pink Pelican

The Garden Gnome

The Bottle Tree

Recently a well known garden designer in California planted a flower garden in the bed of an open truck and everyone was declaring how original and divine it was.  Hmmm.  When I joked that it looked like a "redneck " garden I was chided for saying so.   For someone who has seen just about every potential thing from old tires to old trucks, sinks, tubs, beds ( real ones ) and yes, toilets used as flower containers my answer was " well, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck ..... "

What kind of art do you have in your garden ?


  1. I don't think I would go as far as using a toiled as a planter. Hahaha. But the clawfoot bathtub is a cute idea.

  2. My Grandmother had the tank of a toilet as a planter in her yard. It was from a very old toilet so it was skinney and tall. It was shiney and pretty, I dont think any one knew.

  3. Had next-door neighbors a few houses ago who had a bathtub in the front yard 'planted' with red plastic geraniums. I definitely didn't miss the bathtub when I moved.

    A few years ago they remodeled their house and re-landscaped, and to the remaining neighbors' relief, the bathtub went away with the facelift.

  4. Hopefully anything I have is a bit more tasteful... ;-) There is one household we pass on the way to town that has a unique perspective on garden beds... they have many (10?) head and footboards in the ground with flowers between them... as well as many other items here and there.... guess it's not as unique as you'd like it to be. ha.

  5. Great post! I don't have much garden art, but if I did it would be a large flock of flamingoes in the BACK yard, not the front.

    Ha ha
    Merry Christmas!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  6. I had a white porcelan toilet planter once. I planted in the top tank and the stool itself. I had it on the POTio (instead of patio). My husband had a little 2 man boat that sprung a leak. It layed in the yard forever and was just going to rot. So now it is filled with dirt and holds my Coloncho flowers. You can plant in ANYTHING. I love 'white trash' gardening.


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