February 2, 2011

A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT-4th Blogiversary at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago

With all the commotion going on about the blizzard that hit us full force yesterday I forgot that it was 4 years ago that I started this blog, so Happy Blogiversary to me :-)

I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know so many other great garden bloggers around the USA and the world and I feel so much richer for the experience.

Some of the highlights during my four years were Blogger naming me as a Blog of Note which brought over 100,000 visitors to my site,  welcoming 50 great garden bloggers from Chicago SpringFling to my garden in 2009,  becoming a member of the Garden Designers Roundtable and getting to meet 3 awesome garden bloggers - Helen Yeost, Freda Cameron and Anna Perryman Looper -  in North Carolina last year and getting published in Horticulture magazine. 

By the way, that ole' groundhog was no where in sight.  I think he's snowed in as well as are many of us here in Chicago today.  Now comes the sub-zero temperatures courtesy of our Canadian friends.    

 The only good thing I can say is that we are one month closer to Spring and it won't come too soon and that it's already Spring in North Carolina, home of my little Sweetpea Lea.  69 beautiful warm sunny degrees.  Makes me feel warmer just thinking about it.


  1. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary!! How wonderful! I am celebrating my 300th post! In celebration, I am doing a giveaway. http://nycgardening.blogspot.com/2011
    /02/urban-farmer-herb-garden-seed-kit.htmlIsn't amazing how many people you meet through blogging.

  2. Congratulations on your blog-aversary! Keep thinking "spring"! Hopefully you'll be able to dig out soon! You all REALLY got dumped on!

  3. Happy 4th blogversary, Caroline! This milestone was better celebrated on it's own rather than being a part of Muse Day, anyway. :-) Congratulations and "keep it up!"

  4. Happy Anniversary Carolyn! I think it will be next week before we dig out.


  5. Congrats on your blogiversary Carolyn and all your impressive accomplishments. Blogging really has its rewards. You are quite deserving too.

  6. Wowza! Congrats on such a wonderful milestone.
    Hey, I LOVE your new font style and font size...uh..no comment on the size being larger and me needing glasses(I'm 52)LOL.
    You have such a creative garden blog and I always love stopping by to visit. I also must say you also have one the most ARTISTIC garden blogs around and it is always an inspiration to me and many others to see what you post next. I love the way you mix painting with gardening. Stay warm.
    David/ from ICY unTropical Texana/ Houston

  7. Thank you all for stopping by to wish me a happy anniversary.

  8. Happy Blogiversary! Stay Warm!

  9. Happy Blogiversary!
    Holding Coffee cup up to you in hopes of many more years of fun blogging...

    I had a blast reading the post about things found while digging into the earth! Real entertaining, thanks for sharing. Stay Warm…

  10. Congratulations Carolyn. I, for one, am glad you began blogging, and that I got to know you. I am so grateful for this. I loved getting to see your garden and can't believe we all squeezed into your space.~~Dee

  11. Hey Brie, Skeeter and Dee. Thanks so much for your kind wishes.

    It was a pleasure to have you visit my garden, Dee. Wish I'd had more time to talk to all the garden bloggers at SpringFling Chicago .


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