February 13, 2011

Did I Shave My Legs for This ?

SO tired of seeing this , but the temps hit 40 degrees today, a virtual heatwave, and yes I had to shave my legs and get out in the sunshine.

Signs of  green stuff under there.

And red.  Okay people, no more excuses !  Time to take down your Christmas decorations or I'll be forced to enter your yard into the Redneck Yard of the Week contest.


  1. The snow is going! I think I need to paint my toenails!


  2. With that snow, I am amazed anything comes up in the spring. That is the magic of the garden.
    Thanks for stopping by...I'll try to pop in more often!

  3. Not yet, Eileen. You do need a pair of tall rubber boots if you're in the city 'cause the puddles are knee high.


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