May 3, 2011

Party Time!

You are cordially invited to a party celebrating the forthcoming blooming of the Wisteria, a rare sight that has taken 7 years .  Last year there was one lonely little bloom .
The First Showing 2010

Today while out in the garden I couldn't believe my eyes.  The Wisteria tree was full of buds!  

This is a Chinese Wisteria which is pretty finicky in Chicago's climate.  I purchased this standard  ( vine grafted onto a tree trunk ) 7 years ago when it was reduced from $500 to $100.   I was about to whack it down when I decided to go all out in a last ditch effort to make it produce blooms.  I root pruned it severly and cut back the branches to within a few shoots and applied triple phosphate .   Of course I think I also threatened it with " Bloom dammit ! "    My efforts finally paid off.

Now if we can have some sunshine please and get the celebration started.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Carolyn, my Pagoda Dogwood was like this, no blooms, until the cicadas came and slit many branches. They were distorted the following year so I pruned them all out, heavy pruning and much to my amazement, it bloomed profusely the following year.


  2. Congratulations! This does call for celebration.

  3. Good work! I'd also say congratulations are in order too. All that patience and some hard work paid off. Break out the champagne!


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