May 11, 2011

Gotta Getcha' One

Introducing ..... . Daphne burkwoodii  'Carol Mackie ' -queen of the Spring garden with gorgeous variegated leaves and fragrant blossoms.  Named for the famed lover of Apollo you too will love Daphne , especially if you have a small garden.  She'll take partial shade to full sun and will grow to 3 x 4 feet.

 Daphne also attracts hummers and will re-bloom in the Fall. Even when not in bloom her variegated leaves are effective all season.   In my experience it will take several years before Daphne comes into her own.  I used to overlook her at the garden center because she didn't look that impressive, but I saw a mature one in a client's garden and it was love at first sight  She grows more beautiful with each passing year .  Wish I could say that!

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. I've always loved this shrub for its leaves as much as for its blooms.

  2. Beautiful! I SMELLED Daphne all the way across the displays at a garden center in late winter one year. I think they don't care for my climate. Obviously, they LUV Chicago. Great choice.

  3. Quite the gorgeous plant - love the leaves and the small white flowers! ~Kate from YourGardenShow

  4. I had one for three years, then the summer sun did her in since my shade trees weren't large enough to provide protection here in the South. I was so sad as she was truly glorious and fragrant! I'll probably try again in the future.

  5. Thank you, Caroline. Daphne is beautiful and I'm going to seek her out. :-)

  6. Hi Carolyn
    New to blogging and found your beautiful blog!
    Your so right about Daphne Carol Mackie...A large local flower farm local to me has one planted on site and when it blooms, they cant keep it in stock! I think I'll have to find a place for one in my yard is my blog...come for a visit anytime :)


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