May 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

" All things are possible in May. "   May be, May be not.  First we have near 90 and then 45, extreme temps that reap havoc on  plants in the garden.   One day the Magnolia is in bloom the next day ; gone.   Tulips and daffodils droop their lovely heads in exasperation.

This is the second season for my new "blue lawn " ( vinca ) seen below on the right. The Korean Azalea has produced its lovely bell-shaped lilac flowers, the creeping phlox looks lovely and the wisteria is about to break bud.  Airy Brunnera's beautiful blue flowers nod above its silver leaves.  And last but not least, the golden leaves of ' autumn moon' maple have finally emerged fromt their long winter's sleep.  And that's just in the front yard.

Meanwhile, out back, blooms are breaking out all over.

'Olga Mezzit ' rhodo is in full flower as are tulips and daffodils.  Fragrant Daphne 'Carol Mackie' perfumes the air and the Asian pear has lovely blossoms.   The heatwave caused my gorgeous Magnolia and Koreanspice Viburnum to fade like Scarlett O'Hare in the Georgia sunshine.  My herb and vegetable garden grew several inches during the warmth.

The heat has been replaced by below normal temperatures in the mid-40's and is expected to last for several days.

To see what's blooming across America visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens .

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Carolyn, Happy GBBD! You are so right about the weather. 44° here and my little cucumbers that are only 2" tall and in the garage may be goners. Love your Daphne from the post before and today. Always good tips too.

  2. Nice post. We are going through the same weather pattern in South Kansas. We got up to 95 with 30 mph winds. Now we are back into the 40's. Probably go straight into summer in a couple of weeks. When I lived in Colorado I planted some Daphne, never got to see it mature however. Happy GBBD.

  3. Beautiful and smells good, too! We had hail yesterday so some of my blooms and leaves are tattered.

  4. Beautiful blooms! And I love your yard art! Happy GBBD Day!

  5. Autumn Moon is high on my list of really have to haves... I have yet to find one for sale in this area but I am staying watchful! Our 86 degrees on Thursday did in a number on the early magnolia's blooms... we escaped frost last evening because of the wind... who knows what tonight will bring! It seems like much of the mid-west is experiencing the same weather concerns and the farmers here in Wisconsin have even bigger problems as it's been impossible to do the planting. Larry

  6. Beautiful blooms Carolyn. After that wind and cold weather I have a few plants that do not look very good even though I covered them. I think the wind did them in.

    Oh well, I am out in the misty rain trying to do some overdue gardening.


  7. Hello! Found you on the Alabama Bloggers. Your site is lovely! Nice to follow you!

  8. I guess you are right saying, everything May be or May not, Carolyn.
    Down here in the North Houston area we are having an unusual hot May with daily temperatures in the mid 90's, one (1) day of some rain since January and everyday winds around the 15-20mph.
    This kind of weather really takes it's toll on my plants and the garden in general. MAYbe we at least will see some rain someday again. ;)
    Happy Gardening and Best Regards
    Paula Jo


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