December 1, 2007



Oh to be free of myself,
With nothing left to remember,
To have my heart as bare
As a tree in December;

Resting, as a tree rests
After its leaves are gone,
Waiting no more for a rain at night
Nor for the red at dawn;

But still, oh so still
While the winds come and go,
With no more fear of the hard frost
Or the bright burden of snow;

And heedless, heedless
If anyone pass and see
On the white page of the sky
Its thin black tracery.

-Sara Teasdale


  1. What an evocative poem. My muse is up, too.

  2. Carolyn, isn't Sara Teasdale a wonderful poet? THat's a perfect photo to go with her words. Very calming and inspiring.

    I'm happy to report I've got my Garden bloggers muse day post up at

    Stay warm!

  3. Great photo! That poem pretty much sums up my feelings about December. I wish I could have done something for muse day, but this is such a busy time!

  4. Thanks, Muse Muum, we can always count on you. I'll be over in a jiffy to check it out.

    Jodi, I love Sara Teasdale's poetry. Thanks for participating. I'll visit soon to read your post.

  5. What a wonderful picture for December 1! And the poem is a perfect compliment.

    It's a cold and blustery day here in Nova Scotia (as you can see in Jodi's post) and I posted a bit of the frosted, woodland ground cover not far from my home. :)

  6. What a great poem--I'd not heard that one before, and it's lovely. And very fitting!

    Something came to mind today and I was inspired to post a muse poem, too.

  7. Kim,

    Thanks for joining our poetry circle for December.

    Idaho Gardener has posted a December poem on her blog and I've invited her to join Muse Day, so visit her please.

  8. Had hoped to join in ... my head was here but body elsewhere! Thanks for the invitation ... perhaps next month!


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