January 10, 2009


Gardeninggonewild has chosen one of my favorite plants, Macleay Cordata or Plume Poppy , as their plant of the month. I must confess to having a bad case of BBLS ( Big Bold Leaf Syndrome ) and this one satisfies my craving like no other.

I'm not saying it's invasive, ( kudzu and ribbon grass are ) but ...keep your eye on it. I pot up little Plume Poppies each Spring and give them to friends with , of course, a little warning label : This plant needs a great deal of room and it likes to wander . It really isn't that difficult to keep under control.

My boss at the garden center heard me inquiring about a good perennial with a bold leaf to plant near my goldfish pond and surprised me by giving me my first Plume Poppy. I had no idea that it would grow so large but I was delighted with its BBL. It is perfect for the spot and I love it.

(Click to enlarge )

That's Plume Poppy creating the perfect backdrop to my fishpond.


  1. I've always been too scared to try it. But I have to agree the BBL factor is fantastic. Your garden looks gorgeous: I love the way you have the plume poppy growing behind the pond.

  2. Hi Carolyn Gail, that is one beautiful BBL. I have tried to grow it here, and was warned by the nursery owner about its rampant ways, but it has failed to show up most years and may even be gone for good. Not enough water is my diagnosis. Yours looks fantastic!

    I was counting on you to make a roll tide remark and you didn't let me down! :-)

  3. Looks like a neat plant.

    How are you liking all the snow? ;0)

  4. I like plume poppies too, Carolyn, and share your affliction of BBLS. I'm working on a story about leaf texture and use Macleaya as an example, with the caveat about its wandering tendencies.

  5. I may have a little of BBLS too. Afterall, I do collect hosta and the bigger, the better. Before I read your post, I was wondering about the beautiful big leafed plant in the photo. It really looks nice with a fence as a back drop.

  6. Carolyn, I need to look up information on this. I saw GGW's post, too. If it takes a lot of sun, then I will have to forgo trying it. It's very dramatic, though! :-)
    Perhaps my ligularia plants will be the shady counterpart?

  7. Very beautiful, your Plume poppy.~~Dee

  8. This looks like a nice plant with large leaves - which I also love

    I made my garden note to look for this one.

  9. I had never heard of this before. I think I need it in my garden, don't you? I love its leaves!


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