June 29, 2011

The Potager in June

Blueberries, kale, tomatoes,chard, beans and spinach, oh my.

This is the first season for my potager, and while it requires more maintenance, I have been enjoying its harvest.    I sowed the seeds in early April and watched as the spinach, romaine, baby bok choy, chard and spring onion quickly grew and soon ended up on my table.  There's nothing more delicious than a home grown vegetable to me.

The cucumbers, beans and tomatoes will take longer to mature and the blueberries are at last ripening.    Two grapevines planted on the pergola are loaded with fruit as is the Asian pear.

The roses, dianthus, lilies , iris and blackeyed susans and lamb's ear  look lovely among the veggies.  Jojo and I are keeping a vigilant watch on that wraskily wabbit we saw munching on the plants last year.    So far, other than a baby possum she caught, we've been lucky; fingers crossed, not to have any unwelcomed visitors to our June potager.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Deliciously delightful, Carolyn. Lucky you :)

  2. Carolyn,

    Your garden looks wonderful. I think it is great to mix flowering plants and vegetables and herbs.


  3. Wow!Carolyn,

    Not only nutritious but beautiful too!
    Very impressive!


  4. Delicious to look at and for the tastebuds. So much more than your basic veggie garden.


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