July 18, 2011

Farewell to Sweet Home and Garden Chicago

I never thought that this day would arrive but now that it has I am torn between joy and sorrow ; joy for a new chapter in my life, and sorrow on leaving my home and garden of over 40 years. 

I've always said that it would take a lot to make me leave my home and garden but a 2 and 1/2 year old proved me wrong.  It didn't take much for her to steal my heart with her winsome smile and " C'mon , gwanma, let's go ! "

The reason  I've got " Carolina on my Mind "

Chicago winters also make me long for the shorter Southern ones I grew up with and the chance to garden almost year round. 

I have enjoyed meeting so many fellow gardening lovers , bloggers and writers since I created my blog four years ago .  It was great to welcome 50 bloggers from across the country into my garden two years ago during the SpringFling.

  As I close the garden gate for the last time I will think of you and all the great exchanges we've had. 

Its ironic that I am moving back to North Carolina, the state where my first Irish ancestor settled in the 1700's.   It will take some time to get acclimated but I look forward to getting acquainted with this beautiful state and its people.

We don't say goodbye down South, instead it's " Y'all Come ! "   And like Scarlett I " won't think about that right now.  After all, tomorrow is another day. "

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago All rights reserved


  1. Oh, my....North Carolina is a BEAUTIFUL state. I hope you'll be opening up another blog very soon! I don't blame you a bit for wanting to be closer to that precious granddaughter!

  2. Well, now you'll be closer to Virginia;-) And,you can change your blog to 'Sweet Home and Garden Carolina'. I hope you will share your new adventures and I wish you well!

  3. You have made the right choice, family is more important than anything. What a darling girl! You will have so much fun with her, and gardening back down south. But you knew that already!

  4. Carolyn! I agree with your decision! I'll miss reading and learning from you. Hopefully you will start another Blog after the move!! What a sweetie your granddaughter is! God Bless You all! Until later sometime...

  5. Hi Carolyn,
    I would be torn as well, but I can see you have a precious reason for closing that garden gate. And...won't you be excited to grow all those southern plants again or at least stroll through the neighborhood gardens? We love the state of NC...I lived there a summer as a counselor for a Lutheran church. Every weekend we would head off into the mountains to hike, explore waterfalls, and see the ferns and rhododendrons. Then there's the Outer Banks, the Piedmont, and of course, Plant Delights Nursery. I hope you will consider having a garden blog over in your new home. I very much enjoyed getting to know you this past year.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  6. Carolina Carolyn and the Sweet Grandchild. You must follow your heart. Living is easier out of the snow.

  7. We all want to wish you well on your new home and adventure. Maybe you will blog again after you are settled in.It will be nice for you to be nearer the Granddaughter.

  8. Carolyn,

    Your granddaughter is so precious!

    I know you're torn about the change, but I'll be happy to welcome you to North Carolina! We'll practically be neighbors...well, at least the same town! You, Helen and I will have to get together again after you get settled in.

    Take care on your move.


  9. Carolyn,

    I would love to hear your blog about North Carolina. I have a dear friend who lives in South Carolina and is coming in next week for a visit. I love to hear her talk about all the plants she couldn't grow when she lived here like Camelias!


  10. Oh, wow! Have you found a place to live yet? I am happy for you that you will be living closer to your grandchild. I am thankful to be in the same town as my two. I hope to see you blogging again.

  11. Congratulations, Carolyn! What a wonderful opportunity to be with your family. Best wishes in your move. You'll be feeling at home before long and perhaps you'll blog there????

  12. Wow, oh, Wow! You are off on an adventure, Carolyn! North Carolina has always been one of our favorite places to visit - bet it will be a wonderful place for you to paint & garden, and live & love.

    Best of luck & Bon Voyage

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  13. Dear Carolyn,
    Those little ones have a hook in our heart that leads us around powerless to deny them a single thing. I am so blessed to live near my grandbabies and would be so sad if I didn't. Well, I just have to move if I didn't. :-) You are going to be so happy even though leaving your home is bittersweet. Congratulations and I hope you'll keep us posted.

  14. I had a feeling where she went Grandma and Grandpa might follow. It was a pleasure working with you on Chicago Spring Fling Carolyn, visiting your lovely garden and home, and I so enjoyed our committee get-together when it was all behind us. Best wishes on your new adventure back to the old home place, back to your little one and her mom and dad, and back to milder winters. I hope we'll get to read of your gardening adventures in your new home!

  15. I am a Grandma of a 2 year old cute little boy and I can understand you very very good why you would like to be closer to your precious granddaughter. I'm sure you made the right decision, dear Carolyn. And hey, Welcome back to the South with it's mild winters, high humidity and the hot summers! Hope you soon will get a new blog going and let us know about your southern gardening experiences. I always enjoyed visiting this blog, a nice mix of poetry and beautiful pictures of your garden.

    My best wishes and I hope your relocation will go as smooth as possible.
    Paula Jo

  16. I'd follow my 2 year old grandchild anywhere. Oh, how she gets me right in the heart when she runs up to me with a big smile and a hug. She is a gift! Best wishes to you as you follow your heart to the hugger in North Carolina.

  17. How difficult it must be to leave your beautiful home and garden, Carolyn! I remember walking around the garden with awe when you so graciously invited us during the Chicago Spring Fling. But leaving family would be even harder--I don't blame you one bit for wanting to follow that sweet little girl. And how exciting to be able to start a new garden, especially not having to deal with Chicago winters! Best of luck in your new adventure.

  18. Carolyn,
    Oh my this will be a big move on so many levels. I wish you the best in NC, a place of beautiful gardens and gardening. What a cutie to be your muse too. Hope to still see you blogging!

  19. Carolyn,

    I hope your move is going smoothly and you're settling into your new home. Are you close to Asheville - you may find your experience is welcomed for the next Fling!

    Here's hoping Sweet Home and Garden C_ continues when you're ready - with Carolina replacing the Chicago of course. I'm sure life and the garden will be sweet now you're closer to your grandchild :)

  20. Good luck, the kids always blessed our lifes

  21. All the best to you, Carolyn Gail, as you move into this new phase of your life. I hope you'll take up blogging from NC one day so we can read all about your adventures!

  22. I must have been in another planet to have missed this big announcement! Good luck and have a marvelous new adventure. gail

  23. But I just found your blog :-(

    Will you start a new blog about your adventures in Carolina? I do hope so !! But... how will we know...?

  24. Oh Dear Carolyn, I could not blog much this summer and missed this post. I wish you a Happy New Old Home! Northern winters are hard and I envy you that gorgeous grandchild and gardening all year round. I hope you will be back! Best of Everything to you. Carol


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