June 26, 2007


Each morning I go for a walk and no matter which direction I choose I run into a lot of beautiful homes and gardens. Following are some of the examples :

Gorgeous Climbing Rose

Now that's what I call a front porch !

A lovely flower bed

Somebody sure loves Annabelle Hydrangea

Not only is walking good for my physical well being but the beautiful garden scenes do a lot to soothe the senses.


  1. Your neighborhood is beautiful. I'm guessing no one cares that you are photographing their yard in the morning unless they are caught in the background in their pj's :)

  2. Thanks , Marie. No one's up at that hour, I get an early start !

  3. You did find quite a few nice scenes, Carolyn. Sometimes I miss my old 'Annabelle'.

    Although you won't be strolling through my neighborhood in Austin, your post makes me glad there's one pretty nice flower bed up there, planted on purpose in case any other gardeners are taking a walk.

    If you went out a little later, you might meet some of the garden owners - that could be fun, too!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Hey Annie and thanks for visiting.

    It is nice to have people who care about making gardens for passersby to see. It's a rare sight no matter what time of day it is to catch gardeners in their yards around here. I suppose everyone must have a day job, or I just missed them.

    I do love the Annabelles , but I miss seeing the huge blue hydrangeas of my youth.


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