April 13, 2009


I know its early yet but I have a big empty space in my garden that is begging to be planted. On my rare day off I went shopping and purchased 10 new perennials.

Couldn't resist the Festuca glauca' elijah blue ' or blue fescue, Brunnera Macrophylla 'Jack Frost', or Siberian Bugloss, Armeria pseudarmeria, 'joystick lilac and red ' or thrift, Veronica 'waterperry blue ' or speedwell, lithodora diffusa ' grace ward' or Indian plant , Sempervivum x roseum 'ruby heart ' and 'emerald empress ' and lastly dianthus 'eastern star '. I bought 3 of each for a total of 30 plants which made a dent in my budget but hardly in the garden.

I'm experimenting and not following a list or plan as I do when I design other peoples gardens, just going with my instincts and what catches my eye. As you can see from the collage above I'm tending toward silver, blue and pinks .

The garden center is still not fully stocked with a big selection as yet because the season is still early here. I'm crossing my fingers that we wont have a late April or May freeze but I'll be ready to cover my new perennials if we do. I've noticed buds on the magnolia, the Forsythia , crabapple and pear tree and the clematis is greening up.

I wish my Southern blogging friends would blow some of that sunshine up here. Are y'all listening ? The high today was around 36!

This winter seems to go on forever. Today was the Chicago Cubs opening and loyal fans had to brave the cold rain but thank goodness they were rewarded with a victory.


  1. Nice selection of plants Ma! Of course you have great taste in flowers and plants!

  2. Hi Carolyn Gail, those are good choices. While I would always use a plan to do the garden's of others, I believe we can be more freewheeling in our own. About that warmth, we are still waiting for it here too! This is the coolest spring we have had since we moved here ten years ago. The lilac has been blooming for over a month, unheard of in 80 degree plus days in previous years. The weatherman just said we have yet to hit 80 this year, unheard of, I tell ya! :-)

  3. I'm listening, Carolyn Gail, and I'm blowing! The high here was in the low 80s today.

  4. I planted the Jack Frost last year and it did well. I've noticed it coming up already in my backyard -- I loved the silver foliage it just stood out when I looked at the garden from afar.


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