September 2, 2009




Carex buchmananii, or Fox Red Curly Sedge

The shortest summer in a century has passed by very quickly and an early cool Fall has arrived. It seems like only yesterday that I had 50 Spring Flingers visit my garden on May 31. The newly planted bed ( photo 1 above ) filled in very quickly and while it looks pretty good, pretty good is not good enough for me.

This was my first experience with Fox Red Curly Sedge which I fell in love with and planted two in the new bed. I think that the other plants overwhelmed the sedges and that they needed their very own space to appreciate their special qualities so I moved them to the front of the beds. I like them much better now that I can see their full beauty.

The two Walker's Low Catmint that I planted this Spring seemed a little lost so I transplanted them toward the front .

I divided phlox, blackeyed susans and sedums and planted them at the back of the border. Once the annuals expire I will plant Spring bulbs in their spaces.

And that's just the back border. The front garden borders need attention as well. A gardener's work is never done.


  1. Looks beautiful Carolyn! The before shot is already gorgeous and I can see how your vision has made it even better.

    I've been loving the cool summer and now our early fall weather, taking advantage of it as you have to do some tweaking. My fingers are crossed for another late frost like last year, and a milder winter.

  2. Wow! You are really working hard! It looks great - but then, I thought it also looked great "before!" ;-) Happy Fall.

  3. I'm with garden girl, it looked awesome already, but you can see a difference in the after picture that only your trained eye could bring out.

  4. Thanks, Linda. I've enjoyed the cool summer as well and I'm crossing my fingers for a mild winter.

  5. Thanks, Shady. Happy Fall to you as well.

  6. MrBrownthumb,

    Kind of you to say so.

  7. I planted Fox Red Curly Sedge last fall. It looked dead so I cut it back like any other ornamental grass. I just read it should not be cut back, do you think it stands a chance in Southern Wisconsin climate? Do you cut yours back in the Spring?

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    And I just read, from a very good source, that it takes heavy pruning. Fox Red curly Sedge is hardy in zones 5 and up. This is its first Spring in my garden and I have trimmed it back a little, just to neaten it up.


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